Two products I have been reaching for daily lately are amaZene Passion Fruit & Guava Bath and Shower Gel and Mango & Murumuru Body Butter

Two products I have been reaching for daily lately are amaZene Passion Fruit & Guava Bath and Shower Gel and Mango & Murumuru Body Butter.

amaZene produce a range of exclusive bath and body products inspired by the lush rain forests of the Amazon and Brazil’s rich biodiversity. There are six collections of products to choose one and each collection contains three key ingredients that have been specially formulated to nourish and protect your skin. Açai  an antioxidant which helps to combat the signs of aging. Babaçu to soften the skin and Cupuaçu which hydrates the skin and firms, tones and restore skins natural elasticity.

It’s actually quite worrying to think that when carrying out our cleansing routine,  on average we actually subject our skin to over 200 Chemicals. Chemicals such as harsh parabens which are used to preserve products and Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is a foaming agent found in many shower gels and bath products. These are cheap ingredients to use, which is why many manufacturers choose to use them.

amaZene have a simple belief that good products are based on good ingredients. Their products contain no cheap Parabens or Sulfates. Instead, they prefer to use milder alternatives which are chosen for their skin compatibility. All amaZenes products contain active ingredients from the Amazon region and are free from harmful and unnecessary chemicals.

Now if I’m honest before using these products I really did not have much knowledge about product ingredients and what they can actually do to the skin. I wasn’t one to check the ingredients of my shower gel before using etc. Trailing amaZene products and noticing the difference in my skin, plus reading a lot of information on the amaZene website, has made me think that I should in fact take more notice of the ingredients in products I’m using.

The two amaZene products I have tried are both fantastic. Both smell absolutely gorgeous and are full of vitamins which are essentially needed for healthy glowing skin. The Body Butter is a nice and rich and does take a little longer to absorb into the skin than other body butters I’ve tried, but this seems to keep my skin more moisturised throughout the day and feeling as smooth as silk, not to mention smelling good enough to eat. Although I wouldn’t class the products as cheap (£6.95 for the Bath and Shower Gel and £14.95 for the Body Butter) you definitely get value for money. I have been using my Body Butter sometimes twice daily and it looks like its hardly been used. 

Overall I’m really impressed with amaZene and after trying products from the Guava and Passion Fruit and the Mango & Murumuru collections  , I definitely want to try the other collections out. I’m thinking the Cocoa & Copaiba Collection next!

For stockists please see the amaZene website

New Skincare Items/Routine

My skin hss become quite dry lately and the moisturiser I was using just wasn’t up to the job.  So I decided it was time for a change. I’ve had my eye on Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser for a while now. Supposedly, the anti oxidisation properties of the rose are both anti ageing and extremely moisturising, ensuring 24-hour hydration, which is something my skin seriously needs. It’s also a firm favourite of Kylie Minogue’s, who I think looks damn good for her age! If its good enough for Kylie its good enough for me.

I’m coming close to the end of the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Cleanser, which I’ve been using for the last few months. My breakouts have all cleared up and my skins looking nice and clear, so I thought I’d have a change and try a new facial wash.

I’ve always been a fan of plain soap and water. For years that’s all I used until I fell into the beauty trap. My mum swears by soap and water and has never used anything else in all her 63 years and her skin is friggin fantastic! So I thought I’d go back to basics for a bit, well near enough basics and give Clinique’s Liquid Soap a try.

I ordered directly from the Clinique website and also recived 4 free samples with my order, which I was really pleased with.

Each sample is a really good size, so Im looking forward to giving them all a try.

I’ve decided to stick with my current Eye Creams, until I’ve used them up, even though I have got my eye on another one. I’m currently using Boots No. 7 Time Resisting Day and Night Eye Care and Thisworks Tired Eyes Serum.

I use the serum first thing in the morning and then again just before I put my make up on followed by the No.7 eye cream. The No.7 contains both a gel which is meant for day use and a cream for night use.  I don’t think much of the gel, so I just use the night one both day and night. I will be definitely be re-purchasing Thisworks Tired Eyes Serum but once I’ve used the No.7 up, I’m going to treat myself Korres Materia Herba Anti Ageing Moisturiser, which my gorgeous friend Sarah has just given a rave review on. 

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Disappointing - Diorshow Mascara

There’s something about a new Mascara that gets me a little excited. Using it for that first time, hoping it’ll produce some new found results on my lashes. Half the time I’ve ended up being dissapointed though and have stuck to my beloved L’oreal Voluminous for quite a long time now and not made any new purchases. For me, it’s everything I want in a Mascara and the fact that its a high street brand makes it perfect. I’ve tried plenty of high end mascaras over the years and non have given me the results that L’oreal Voluminous does. That doesn’t mean to say that I don’t get the itch every so often to try one I haven’t tried before. 

I’m dissapointed. I was expecting so much more from this mascara and to be honest its failed big time. Maybe I did give it high expectation, but to be fair with a mascara that costs over £20.00 I want impressive results, which this didn’t deliver. It’s nowhere near as good as my L’oreal Voluminous, which costs over £10.00 less. Bear in mind when I’m saying how unimpressed I am with this mascara, I’m not saying its the worst mascara in the world, it just doesn’t live up to the hype for me and its definitely not worth the price. If it was priced at £10.00 cheaper, my thoughts on it would be a little different. I still wouldn’t be raving about it though.

To sum it up: Expensive, over priced and dissapointing.

LUSH Twilight Bath Ballistic
The original LUSH Bath Ballistic was created over 20 years ago by one of of the Lush Co-Founders, Mo Constantine. She wanted a product for her Children to put in the bath to successfully send them off to sleep.
Today, this concept has been reinvented. Together with her youngest son Jack, they have created a new version that combines two of Lush’s greatest innovations … the bubble bar and the bath ballistic. Combining both products gives the ultimate bath experience.
"The top layer of ballistic mixed with shavings of bubble bar languorously froths around the tub, leaving behind a trail of skin softening foam and bubbles. You then get to the inner ballistic layer that starts to frantically fizz around, shooting different colours into the froth and spinning around like an indoor firework!"
One of the four Bath Ballistics is Twilight (£2.95)
"Immerse yourself into a nice warm bath and drop in this soothing, meditative lavender and ovaltine bath ballistic. Become entranced as it serenely fizzes around you, enveloping you in a relaxing cloud of fragrance. Starting off a beautiful, hazy pink colour the slow fizzing ballistic froths around to imitate the setting sun, leaving skin softening bubbles looking a little like clouds. The ballistic then gets down to its inner layer, fizzing frantically round the tub and injecting trails of blue with the pinkness, turning the water the deep indigo of a twilight sky. And for those with vampire obsessions, this will help you sleep soundly at night!"
Now being a Twilight fan, this product obviously appealed to me. I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t really day dream about Edward, Ty is the only man for me (cue the awwwwwwwww) but I did have the most amazing bath with the twilight Bath Ballistic. As soon as the Ballistic hit the water it just erupted! And frothed into the most amazing swirl of pink and white. The outer part of the Ballistic being made by grated bubble bars. Once it cracked in two I was met with gorgeous blues which did in fact mix with the pink like stated and ended up turning my bath a gorgeous Lavender colour.
The bath was also filled with tiny speckles of glitter, which truly make it look gorgeous. My camera had a hard time trying to pick these up, but I manged to capture them the best I could.
The Lavender really helped to relax me as Lavender oil is one of the bets natural ingredients to aid sleep and help relax the body and mind. The setting of the Lavender coloured water also makes it perfect for a night time bath. My skin felt soft and silky after use and the smell of the product is gorgeous. Basically I loved every minute of my Twilight bath and plan to have many more!
Keep your eyes peeled Ladies as I also have the other 3 Ballistics ready to try out!
Indulge yourself in the new Bath and Body range from Sir Terence Conran - Conran Bath & Body

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some fantastic new products from Conran Bath and Body range from the iconic designer Sir Terence Conran.

The full range of products which consists of bath washes, body scrubs, body lotions, shower gels, hand washes and hand lotions comes in two unisex fragrances, simply named 1 and 2. Fragrance 1 is described as smelling like warm, old-fashioned cologne with spicy nutmeg and sweet cardamom, while fragrance 2 is described as a refreshing clean and cooling scent with tingling top notes of summer lemon, watery fresh cut green stems and a hint of mandarin. Both scents are actually inspired by some of Sir Terence Conran’s favourite scents and were created by one of the top 10 perfume houses in the world. Pretty impressive stuff!

First up the paqckaging of these products cannot be ignored. Inspired by Kilner Jars, the packaging is So simple and innovative, yet so elegant and stylish. There is no denying that having these on the bathroom shelf is well and truly injecting some gorgeous and unique Conran style into the home. Products which are without a doubt made to be proudly displayed. 

The shower gel is an absolute pleasure to use on these dark cold nights. The scent is amazing and produces the feeling of warmth and comfort that I love so much. Its apparent that the ingredients used in the products are of high quality. The shower gel not only leaves my skin with a scent that lingers for hours after use but also feeling very soft to the touch.

The Body Cream I simply cannot get enough of. I am actually quite addicted to use making sure my whole body is covered with it, as the scent is truly amazing. It’s definitely a unisex scent, its not overly feminine nor is it too masculine, it just cuts a line between the two. The formulation is perfect for me, as I am quite picky with my body moisturisers. Although I like them to be thick and luxurious to use, I also like them to rub in with ease. I cannot stand a moisturiser that needs excessive rubbing to sink into the skin. This literally melts into my skin, which did shock me upon first use, as with it being quite thick, I did think it would need some work, but I was wrong. As soon as it hits the skin, my skin just seems to drink it up and Im left with gorgeously silky smooth skin.

Both product have seriously impressed me and I definitely recommend taking a closer look at the range, if you want luxurious products at reasonable prices. 

The full range of Conran Bath and Body products can be purchased from John Lewis and Selfridges as well as many online retailers. A full list of Stockists can be found here.